The Story behind CQ Family Life

Having babies is hard work!  It can be difficult yet amazing, mundane yet emotional, and I believe that you should never go it alone. I’m Rebecca, mum, wife, business owner and fun finder at CQ Family Life, and I was born right here in Yeppoon. My husband Scott and were the first one in our circle of friends to have a baby… Well not ‘A baby’, we had identical twin girls… and it was tough. I went from working full-time, surrounded by other adults to being at home with newborn twins – honestly some days really sucked! When the girls and I were finally ready to venture out, I didn’t really know what to do and where to go. I started trawling the internet and asking online groups for ideas and places to go that would be ok with our big double pram.

You know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”? In today’s world, that village is your local community, but I didn’t feel connected to it, even though I was born here, being a new mum changed that. Now we’ve found our community and all it has to offer, we love creating memories as a family and appreciate all the wonderful things the area we live in has to offer.  CQ Family Life is my way of helping other parents connect.

CQ Family Life is all about the communities that make up Central Queensland and aims to be your guide to a family friendly CQ.  We’ll share information that will assist with every day parenting by providing inspiring children and community focused information that is useful for families living in Rocky, on the Coast and westward, as well as supporting our wider community and visitors to this great region.

CQ Family Life is all about communities that make up Central Queensland and aims to be your guide to a family friendly CQ.

Looking for something to do?

  • Search our playground reviews, see what each one is like and what facilities are available (who thinks to look for a toilet at a park before you all get out of the car = a mum with twins who are toilet training, that’s who!).
  • Be inspired by our local markets, playgroups and family attractions and events page (Upload your community events to share with CQ).
  • Take some time and read up on community news, feature blogs and more in our newsletter
  • Grab a bite to eat in one of these child friendly venues
  • Planning a party or looking for a great business or service provider that caters to families – check out our CQ Family Life directory and support local.

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Take care and make some great memories in CQ,